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5 ways to get happy now!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014 in Blog, Happiness | 8 comments

Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place.  But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around.  ~E.L. Konigsburg

The elusive happiness.  What does it mean and how do I get me some?

Well of course it means different things to everyone.  And different things on different days, but there is a common thread that as far as I can tell never changes.

What if you are a person who suffers from migraines on a regular basis?  A happy day might for you may be just not having a migraine and being able to get out of bed to face the world.  Maybe you are happiest when it’s just you and nature and you’re out climbing a breathtaking rockface or surfing in the ocean.  Or maybe happy hour makes you happy.

What it looks like may change over time.  But the common thread with happiness is always connection.  Connection to yourself, connection to people and connection to something greater than yourself; the universe, god, or whatever you would like to call it.

When ever I feel sad or angry, it’s because I feel disconnected either from myself or from others.  I feel misunderstood or not understood or like I’m definitely right and “they” are totally wrong.  This is simply a way for my ego to have it’s way with me.  There are many books we can read on this subject and many ways that we can cultivate happiness, but here are a few of my favorties, either to remind you of, or that you can begin to integrate into your life.  It’s a process.  It doesn’t happen over night.  It happens over time.  However, you do have the power to “snap yourself back” to the present moment which is actually where happiness lives.  oooh… she has a home.  Is happiness a “she”??? hmmm seems logical to me, but I digress.  Okay, here are 5 things you can do to be happy right now.

1.  Stop what you are doing, close your eyes (unless you’re driving, of course) and take a deep breath.  And then another and then another.  Listen to what is going on around you.  And this may sound a bit odd but go as far as putting your hand on your heart and actively listen to what it’s telling you.  You’ll likely be surprised at what you hear.

2.  Take responsibility for your happiness.  For example if someone you work with or live with is being an asshole and pissing you off.  First, refer to number 1 and then say to yourself, I am responsible for my own happiness.  Whatever is going on with this person has nothing to do with me.  Don’t let them steal your joy.  It’s yours.  Keep it.

3.  Take action on something that is weighing on you.  I truly believe this is the most powerful tool in the world!  No matter how much green juice I drink, sleep I get, or yoga I do, if am procrastinating on something that is important to me, I am tired and cranky and just can’t seem to figure out why.  Ask yourself, “am I procrastinating on anything?” and then do it.

4.  Be of service.  This is the other most powerful tool in the world! So many people are suffering from something.  We all need help, but we are conditioned not to ask for it.  Call a friend that you know is struggling with something, ask how they are and then listen, help someone move, babysit your best single mom’s child or children for free, volunteer at an animal shelter.  There are tons of ways to be of service.  Pay attention wherever you are and look for oppportunites to connect.  Even the smallest interaction of holding the door open for someone can shift everything.

5.  Move your body!  Of course, go to yoga!  :D  but there is not always time for an entire class.  However, if you already have a handstand in your practice, find a wall and kick your legs up, put on your favorite song and dance your ass off, if you are in an office, get out of your chair and do 10-20 jumping jacks.  Fuck it!  Get people to do it with you or just do it by yourself and let everyone be jealous of your happiness.

And then if NONE of those things work.  Take a nap.  Sometimes that’s all ya need; just a nap.


  1. Thanks Leah! You must have been listening to me today!! Needed some of this….

    • It’s so fun to stay connected to you thru FB. How amazing is that. I love all of your imput and comments over the years. Thanks for being so awesome! :D

  2. Thank you for sharing your light! Love everything you say…

    • Awe. Thank so much. I miss you. Hope you can make it to our Sat class soon. :D

  3. Great start, I could add one more and that would be to smile big and often. C

    • Great! Yes totally agree! :D

  4. well, I love this! Good stuff Leah! It makes me excited! Ribbon dancing makes me so happy right now! I agree napping is essential. Yes!

    • I lOve thinking of you ribbon dancing. THAT makes ME happy. Can’t wait to finally connect tomorrow! xo Hooraay for skype!

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