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5 ways to practice yoga without lifting a yogi toe

Posted on Jun 24, 2014 in Blog, Yoga | 0 comments

When people hear the word yoga, a common image that pops into many peoples mind is someone putting their leg behind their head and maybe even sucking on their toe.  Eeew! But the truth is that the physical practice of yoga is only a small part of the overall practice.  It is wonderful and important, but there is so much more. One way we can practice yoga is to look at our behavior. Below are a list small but powerful things you can do to integrate yoga into your life right now, not when all the stars line up to get to class. You may find that you are already practicing yoga and you didn’t even know it.


1.  Be a vegan for a day!

No meat, dairy or what about not wearing or using any leather all day… hmm that could be a challenge.  But ultimately yoga is about practicing awareness and being conscious in our choices. This falls under the practice of Ahimsa which essential means the act of non violence.  There are many different ways we can practice non-violence.  It obviously means don’t kill people or animals but it also has more subtle qualities as well.  You can also practice having non-violent feelings, thoughts, words or actions towards yourself and others thru-out the day.  No “road rage” today.  :D


2.  Tell the truth ALL DAY!

I’m not calling you a liar or anything, but hey, let’s admit it, it’s just sometimes easier to say something… well easier.  This is the practice of Satya “truth or “not lying”.  Being honest with ourselves and with others.  Seemingly “easy” practice, but notice if you feel compelled to tell “a little white lie” or not tell someone how you feel, because well… you just don’t know what will happen if you do.


3. Don’t steal stuff.

Asteya or “not stealing” duh, that seems obvious.  But this too also has subtle qualities as well.  It’s not that we are stealing lipgloss from the check out stand, but wishing we had something that someone else has and feeling badly about ourselves, because we feel like we can’t “have” it or create it.  But feeling a lack inside. A good and simple remedy for this is to write a graditude list and look at all the ways the universe is bestowing it’s abundance upon you and then go from there.


4.  Stop having sex! :)

Whhhaaaat!?  The practice of Brahmacharya. But probably not for the reasons you think.  The essense of this practice is to preserve your life force and to become more powerful in your lifes mission.  So before you start panicking, don’t worry, you can still have sex.  There are many ways that we can look at this practice, but to keep things simple, start by conserving your energy for the day.  (And that doesn’t mean staying in bed.)  ;) But be conscious with your energy.  Look at your overall life’s purpose and the goals you are working on and then look at your plan for the day.  Are the things you are going to do today in alignment with your goals or purpose?   Anything that is not, cut it or cross it off the list.  Don’t do things just to be busy or keep moving, but be thoughtful with your choices and your actions.


5.  Don’t covet other peoples stuff!

Aparigraha (Aparigawhat!???) is the greed that is rooted in jealousy.  Desiring to be what someone else is or has.  It basically means that you are already AHmazing  just the way you are.  You are self-reliant and you don’t need what anyone else has to be enough.  A good practice for this is compare yourself to yourself.  Reflect back on the past a little and give yourself some attention and admiration for some things you’ve done and ways you have changed for the better, things you have accomplished big or small. And keep your attention on yourself and not what others are doing.  Unless of course you are looking for some inspiration.  Like my friend Alexis says, “never be discouraged, always be inspired by your neighbor.”

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