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Hi! I’m Leah B – yoga teacher for smart, hardworking and successful women (and the men who love them).


Leah Bosworth Welcome
I’m here to help you get stronger, more flexible, and happier than ever – in a way that is filled with ease, compassion and a sprinkle of fun.  Warning! Side effects of my sessions may include:

  • Sexy arms
  • A hot yoga bod
  • Smiling for no reason
  • Uncovering the amazing, authentic, powerful YOU

As a passionate yoga teacher and  former teacher of the  Lucid Body Technique in New York City, I love connecting people to their deepest inner power and authentic self.  My yoga classes and private sessions are all about creating a practice that’s a perfect fit or your life, your hectic schedule and your special unique soul.


You CAN and you will…


Tap into your deepest spiritual self (because mindfulness ain’t just for monks on mountaintops)

Give your metabolism & immune system the turbo boost they need

Add yoga to your fitness or training routine to crank up your progress, and improve flexibility

Feel like you have more hours in your day, even when you take time for yourself

Trade mood swings, self sabotage, and stressful habits for clarity, focus, and super happy fun time


Trust me on this –

You’re already incredibly cool and amazing, but I know you’ve got more deep in your soul that is dying to be set free.  It would be my honor to guide you on that amazing adventure.



Ready to do this with me?

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I know you’re a super smarty pants and you may be wondering how I know stuff – about the body, yoga, and about you.
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