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Do you have what it takes to find your bliss?

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

photo 2What does it take?  I would say it takes willingness and courage. Willingness to show up consistently and the courage to feel our emotions when we do.

So often people have this image in their mind that yoga is just stretching, breathing, it’s going to be easy and feel good.  And it is true, you will stretch and breath and feel good…eventually, but getting there can sometimes be surprisingly unpleasant. Why is that?

Well, have you ever gone to a yoga class and loved it, but never gone back? Or cried in a yoga class and thought WTF is happening, it’s yoga, I’m suppose to feel good? Or taken a yoga class, felt really good and then got into your car and found yourself suddenly yelling at the car in front of you for being a “douche bag” or whatever?! “What is happening? I just spent an hour and ½ breathing, stretching and meditating and now I am curbing my homicidal tendencies? What gives?”

What’s happening is we are connecting to our bodies which store our emotions and sometimes that can be a bit scary.  Like jumping out of an airplane.

Typically we spend the majority of our day cutting ourself off from our emotions and our heart by shallow breathing, (which puts our nervous system into a state of panic), constantly moving and fidgeting (dissipating our energy), and accumulating stress all day long. So when we finally slow down to listen to our body, all of the emotions big and small that we have been ignoring all day, week or year bubble up to the surface and if we are not ready for or comfortable with that, we might end up injuring ourselves, getting angry, frustrated, self critical, judgmental, or just plain bored and start finding perfectly legitimate reasons not to practice or go to class.

The poses in a yoga class are only one component of a complex and powerful system.  You may think, ” I just want to get in shape” but I promise you if you stick around long enough you will get so much more than that.  Yoga was designed to alleviate sorrow and suffering. (let that one sink in) And the only way to alleviate sorrow and suffering is to acknowledge it, breath into it, move thru it and release it. The only way to the other side is through.  We are all suffering on some level, whether we want to admit it or not and underneath that suffering is our true nature. And the good news is our true nature is actually bliss.

So here’s the deal. Our mind is prepared to connect to our bliss this very instant, but the stress in our body is blocking us from it. We accumulate stress and/or negative emotions throughout the day and a consistent yoga, pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice releases stress and connects us to our bliss – to our true nature.  How cool is that?

And then what happens?  Our whole world opens up.

We have more energy, are able to handle our demands with more ease and grace, are more effective, get more done in less time, we feel content, nicer to people and we keep smiling for know particular reason. :D

People come to yoga for many different reasons. They want a tight yoga butt or killer biceps, or they heard it was good for them, but they stay because their heart opens up and they connect to a deep place in themselves that they did  know existed, but they had long forgotten.

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