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I’m not flexible!

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Good news: Yoga don’t have to be!

When I tell people that I am a yoga teacher, to date, the most popuar response is; “I’m not flexible!”I would say 3 out of 5 people on average say those words to me.  So here is the other good news!  YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!    Yoga is about awareness, paying attention and showing up.  And the cool part is that if you show up to yoga and practice being aware of yourself and how unflexible you are, you will actually become flexible.


Stretching feels boring!

Stretching and flexibility training are I would say, for most people, almost always the thing that we skip when we feel like we don’t have time. And it may be the most important!  But it kinda seems like we are not doing anthing important, we are not conquering our “to do” list or it’s boring.  But I think what is really going on is we are afraid of stillness. Because when we are still, the truth bubbles up and if that happens we either have to deal with it or admit that we are not dealing with it.  Whatever “it” is…  Or our mind starts to race and we think about all of the things we should be doing? (Instead of dealing with our “truth”).  The good news is that the “truth” is rarely as bad as we think it is and if we can just be there with it; Be still with whatever it is that is making us uncomfortable.  It will pass, resolve or dissolve.  But if we jump up to finish those dishes too quickly, whatever we are running from will come with us.


Yoga is about meeting yourself where you are…

and doing your best to let go of judgement about where that is.  And if you do that everyday, one of these days, not being able to touch your toes will be a distant memory.

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