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Private Yoga Instruction Application


Private Yoga instake and application form


Communication is everything – in life, expression, and health. So that’s where we begin!

Before we kick off, please fill out your Pre-Class Intake Form below. This is where you’ll tell me exactly what you want to achieve in our time together, along with any worries, concerns, and questions you may have.

After that, we’ll hop on the phone or Skype to expand on your answers face-to-face. We’ll also discuss your perfect yoga session environment (i.e. music, no music, etc.) This gives us both a chance to focus on your overall aims for your classes, and exactly how I can help.

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Have you ever practiced yoga before? If so, do you know what kind? If you don’t know that’s okay! What was your overall experience like?

Do you currently practice yoga? If so, what kind? If you don’t know, that’s okay!

Do you do any other type of exercise?

Do you have any injuries or other physical concerns?

What are your top 3 areas you would like to focus on with private yoga instruction?

What obstacles, if any, do you feel you come up against in practicing yoga or doing any type of exercise?

How did you find Leah?

Which package are you most interested in?

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