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My Story

Hippie roots, city livin’, and the healing path; my adventure to you


Leah Bosworth My Story


I was born in Olympia, Washington, the only daughter of a single hippie mamma.

On the sunny side, self expression was a staple from the start. I was always doing gymnastics, ballet, or dance, and spent most weekends at a big house on the water with my mom and ~20 of her hippie friends. Playing hide and seek in the woods or hunting for crabs on the beach being my two favorite pastimes.  It was a time of creativity, love, alot of Stevie Wonder… and plenty of animal pancakes for me and homemade wine for the grown ups.

But my offbeat background had its challenges: we moved all over the West Coast, and I attended 12 different schools in 11 years. The constant relocating made me painfully shy, and I had a hard time feeling connected to others.

After attending Cosmetology during my senior year in high school, receiving my license to cut hair and graduating, I  spent the next five years as a hairstylist before heading of to college. It was in those hallowed halls that I met a whole new “family” – a rowdy band of creatives who would bring me out of my shell, help me fall head-over-heels for my first love: acting.


Before long, I was setting my sights on the bright lights and stages of NYC

I left school my before me final year ended. New York City was calling me. I couldn’t wait! (I know – rebel!) to attend the National Shakespeare Conservatory for two amazing years.

It was there that I took my fateful first yoga class. “I’ve danced my whole life,” I thought. “This’ll be a breeze!” Wrong! The session was challenging, and absolutely life-changing.

It was a feeling of connection to myself and the world around that I had been looking for all along. I left the class sweaty, totally released from all negativity, and completely hooked.


But yoga wasn’t the only healing practice I started to study.

Of all my teachers at the Conservatory, Fay Simpson’s work had the biggest effect on me.

She taught a technique for actors called the Lucid Body System… and it opened up a whole new world to me.

The Lucid Body illustrates exactly how our emotions affect us physically; and how to “read” the internal life of a person by their posture, voice, and energy. Then, using movement, music, and vocal expression, we learned how to locate those blocked emotions in the body, and release them in a profound way. It was (and still is) incredible work.

Outside of school, life in the big city was one big, rowdy adventure. Let’s just say… I wasn’t living the healthiest lifestyle, and torched the candle at both ends habitually.

By night, I bartended and ran a production company called Crossbreeding with my college roommate. We showcased up-and-coming, artists, poets, musicians, comedians, etc – and threw killer parties in the East Village to put on shows with the proceeds. By day…

But all party days have to end at some point. About five years into my New York City life, I realized something had to change. So I kissed my BFF Maker’s Mark goodbye forever, and decided to hone my focus.


That’s when I began teaching yoga and The Lucid Body – and my path to you really began

After I graduated Conservatory, I continued working with Fay; studying, performing, and teaching The Lucid Body technique, as well as yoga.

Every time I led classes, I felt so at home. Yoga, meditation, and sharing Fay’s technique had helped me discover who I was – and leading others on the same journey felt right on a profound level.

I still loved acting. But now, my true purpose in life was becoming clear.

My training and work as an actor is an integral part of my teaching.  It gave me a keen eye for the way people hold emotions in their bodies.  I wanted to show them how to use yoga and movement to push through those challenges, and realize all the love, power, and great deeds they were capable of.

I’ll always be grateful for my 10 magical years in New York City. But after a decade the need for a new adventure began blossoming in my heart.

My soul was calling for wide-open spaces and endless skies. How could I refuse?


So I made the move solo to Phoenix, Arizona.

The contrast was night and day. After being surrounded by skyscrapers and concrete for so many years, finding myself in the spacious, healing, grounding desert was sweet relief.

New York City would always stay tucked in my heart, but the shift to a simpler life was conscious one. I had a big goal in mind: I wanted to go further with my yoga teaching.

So I got my yoga certification from At One Yoga and registered with the Yoga Alliance. It’s been almost 4 years since that decision and nothing has ever felt more right.


Now, with an emphasis on lightheartedness, mindfulness, and play, I’m here to help you get in touch your true authentic self. That means tapping into your physical self, & goals, relationships, and desires.


The result? Fabulous flexibility, contentment, and more ease; in your limbs and your life.


I’m on a mission to demystify yoga and make yoga feel accessible to all.  The kind of yoga that makes you feel radiant at the end of every class – is focused on joy, and connection to authentic self.

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Thanks for reading. Just for funsies – here are a few juicy trivia tidbits for ya!

  • I love new adventures and trying new things; riding dirtbikes, jumping out of airplanes, you name it, I’ll give it a whirl!
  • I have two amazing rescue pups, Jake and Albert, who are my babies.
  • I drive a Mini Cooper S, and I l-o-v-e my wheels.
  • When I was a hair stylist backstage on Broadway for 5 years, I worked on Cats, Phantom of the Opera, 42nd Street, The Producers, and more. All amazing shows!
  • I dance in my living room frequently and I feel like people should dance more in general.
  • I’m a huge travel nut. My favorite countries so far have been Italy and Costa Rica.
  • I buy flowers for myself every week (and so should you!)
  • I meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day.
  • I adore fresh green juice… and Americano coffee.
  • When I’m not teaching, you’ll find my hiking in the desert, swinging from a trapeze in Circus School, or just chillin’ in a hammock with my awesome boyfriend.