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Praise for Leah Bosworth“My body and energy level feel 10 years younger!  Leah is unique in her teaching because she has a peaceful and calming way of encouraging us to go beyond our perceived limits.  She teaches in such a way that is challenging yet warm and welcoming.  Her classes consistently push me beyond my comfort zone allowing me to reach a deeper level of spiritual connection.  She helps me to strengthen and tone my body while at the same time connecting me with my inner spirit.  I wish that Leah taught 7 days a week because I miss her class when she is not there!”

~ John Fezza, Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales

Scottsdale, AZ



Praise for Leah Bosworth“Leah’s class has helped me in so many ways.  Internally, it has helped me to find a path to self-awareness–to look within, without judgment, to just be with whatever is and know that it’s okay.  Externally, it’s helped me become physically stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my entire life.  It has lowered my general stress level and helped me to cope with the ebbs and flows of life in a more peaceful way.  Leah brings a sense of acceptance, love, helpfulness, appreciation and inspiration to every class making sure that all levels and every person feels included and welcome.  She is such an inspiration to me and everyone around her.  She helped me and inspired me to find yoga–not just so that I could touch my toes, but to embark on a spiritual journey inward, toward self-awareness and inner peace.  I consider myself so fortunate to have Leah as a friend and yoga teacher.”

~ Julienne Farkas, Max’s mama & Server at Pure Sushi

Scottsdale, AZ


Praise for Leah Bosworth“I can always feel Leah’s enthusiasm for teaching as she enters the room.  Her classes are a beautiful blend of strength, stretching, balance and restoration.  I love her ability to make just the right adjustments in the postures so that we may feel the correct alignment especially in Savasana!


~ Nancy Murbach, Veternarian, DVM

Scottsdale, AZ