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Calling all yoga lovers, newbies, longtime mat-dwellers!

Leah Bosworth Yoga

If you are…

  • Way too busy for a big group yoga class, and need a teacher who can come to you.
  • Not flexibile but would like to be, and know yoga is a great road to a bendier bod.
  • So ready for sexy arms, a toned tummy, and a tight yoga butt (who isn’t?).
  • Wrestling with a bad back, or specific health constraints that require you go at your own pace.
  • An athlete looking for the competitive edge yoga adds to your training (cyclists, marathon runners, Ironman competitors, etc.)
  • Constantly focused on work/family/obligations, and need time for yourself, stat!


If you would like to…

  • Get back to yoga basics, to strengthen your foundations and brush up on the essentials
  • Create a home yoga practice you can repeat every day (yep, even on your own) that fits your unique body and goals
  • Demystify the philosophies of yoga, the role they can play in your life, and what they can help you achieve
  • Focus on a specific pose, arm balance, or headstand (or whatever you like)

You are in the right place…


If you are interested in a private session, click the button below to set up a consultation.


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Curious, but would like to know more?

My teaching style is a powerful blend of disciplines rooted in Vinyasa flow (movement-focused) yoga. I weave in elements of Lucid Body movement training, Anusara and sometimes a little Kundalini yoga, and a custom combo of strength building, alignment, breath, and energy work.

In a calm space (a yoga studio, or your home), at a time that suits your schedule, I tailor each private class to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Whether you’re just beginning or have a specific focus in mind, I’ll design a personalized practice to help you see results, faster, and understand yourself in a whole new way.

You’ll also get additional resources, practice videos, and email support (for 10 session and 24 session students only) to streamline your path to the fit body and deep self-connection you crave.

My goal is simple: I want to make sure that eventually, you don’t need me anymore. Because yoga has become a nourishing daily practice you just can’t live without!

Nervous about flying solo, or being in the spotlight?

Bring your best friend, mom, sister, etc., and get a group discount!


Expect to feel:

  • Empowered, relaxed, and able to touch your toes sooner than you think!
  • More focused and clear than ever – about your work, your life, and your sexy bod
  • Downright incredible, as your metabolism increases, you drop extra weight with ease, and your immune system gets a turbo boost
  • Totally grounded in your sense of self, and your ultimate power
  • Happier, with a quiet bliss and overall wellbeing (that may be completely new to you)


Session breakdown:

Part 1: Intake & Consultation

Communication is everything – in life, expression, and health. So that’s where we begin! Before we kick off, you’ll get access to your Pre-Class Intake Form on my website.  This is where you’ll tell me exactly what you want to achieve in our time together, along with any worries, concerns, and questions you may have. After that, we’ll hop on the phone or Skype to expand on your answers face-to-face. We’ll also discuss your perfect yoga session environment (i.e. music, no music, etc.) This gives us both a chance to focus on your overall aims for your classes, and exactly how I can help.

Part 2: The Session

All sessions 1hr &15 minutes (unless otherwise agreed upon).  Each session begins with a chat about your goals, how you’re feeling that day, and anything that’s unfolded in your life since we last met.  From there, we decide on what we should work on together. With laser-focused attention, I’ll lead you through each of the poses, and make all gentle adjustments to your alignment along the way. (Alignment is critical for both the safety of beginners, and the fullest expression of the pose for seasoned yogis.) Each session ends with a relaxation meditation, so you release any tension you might still be holding, and feel fantastically rejuvenated. We’ll also take some time to celebrate all breakthroughs and ah-ha moments you may have had on your mat! I’ll also equip you with any resources, advice, or professional contacts that I sense will help you get where you want to be – faster.


Let’s do it!