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When I’m teaching Yoga, I know I’m right where I am suppose to be, doing what I am suppose to do.




“Leah Bosworth is known for her unique self-expression, lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the practice of Yoga.”


My Professional Yoga Bio

Practicing yoga for over 15 years, Leah is a Certified Yoga Instructor and registered with Yoga Alliance.  Her classes are a blend of the dynamic Vinyasa flow asana (linking breathe with the movement) inspirational music… a strong focus on precise alignment, meditation, visualization, and intention to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. Living in New York City for 10 years, Leah has had the privilege and opportunity to study with many exceptional teachers including Cyndi Lee of Om yoga, Elena Brower of Virayoga and Dharma Mittra. As a dancer and actress she thought it would be easy for her, but what she discovered was Yoga was so much more than she imagined. It was HARD, challenging, beautiful and life changing. And it was there that she found her “Self” and inner guidance system.


Teaching Yoga leads me to my higher self.

Nothing makes me feel more grounded and more connected to the world. My mission is to help others to find their inner guidance system, to release emotional blocks and transform themselves on and off the mat. Thru the physical practice of Yoga, meditation,  stillness, and cultivating concentration with a light heart we melt away layers that are blocking our true self, our authentic self, the self that lights up to world and makes it the magical place that it was intended to be.


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